About Balcom’s Bleachers

Balcom’s Bleachers was created by me, Jared Balcom, your local sports junkie. This blog is a way for sports fans like myself to come together to discuss and debate within the world of sports. The blog will mostly focus on baseball, but I’ll occasionally take a trip outside the basepaths to write about other sports stories. Seeing as I am a blogging rookie, and since this is more of a hobby and not a full-time commitment, I will aim for one blog post a week, most likely published on Fridays.

As I stated in my first post, “The Rookie Debut,” the whole purpose of this blog is for me to discuss my observations and opinions, and for you, the readers, to share your opinions and comments. The comments section is always open!

About Me

I have been sports fan for as long as I’ve been alive. Growing up in southwestern Michigan, I have very early memories of watching Chicago Cubs baseball, Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines football, and Detroit Red Wings Hockey with my dad and grandfather. I got my first Cubs hat when I was about a year old. Today, I still keep up with the Cubs, Lions, and Michigan, and have become a big Detroit Pistons fan. I recently even started following English Premier League soccer. I played Little League baseball for ten years, ran track & field and cross country in high school, and have been playing intramural and church league softball since the beginning of college. Needless to say, sports is a huge part of my life.

I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan- home of Derek Jeter and Greg Jennings- and lived there until coming to Arkansas in the fall of 2013 for my freshman year of college. I graduated from Harding University in May of 2017 and moved to the Little Rock area in the summer of 2017. My wife, Jenni, and I have been married since December of 2016. I am thankful for her support- and often tolerance- of my sports fanaticism, and have even turned her into a Cubs fan after her first trip to Wrigley Field. If I am not writing about sports, I am likely outside hiking, fishing, camping, or doing projects on our house.