The Rookie Debut

If you know me at all, or have had a conversation with me that has lasted longer than fifteen minutes, you know that I am a huge sports fan. Like, it’s even in my Facebook bio: Sports junkie. Though I enjoy and appreciate almost every sport (sorry NASCAR), I have always had a deep passion for America’s Pastime.

As far back as I can remember, baseball has been in my life. Whether watching games on TV or in person, playing catch with my dad and brother in the front yard, collecting baseball cards, playing little league, or listening to Pat Hughes and the late Ron Santo announce Chicago Cubs games on the radio, I have always been a baseball nerd.

Which is how this blog came to be.

When it comes to blogging, this could be considered my rookie debut. I am being called up from the minors of casual, passing baseball conversations to the, well, higher-level minors of hobby sports blogging. Until I finally get the call from the big leagues of ESPN, this is just that- a hobby; a way for me to share my love for sports, and especially my passion for baseball, with other sports junkies like myself.

Don’t get me wrong: I am no Buster Olney. I am not proclaiming to know every statistic for every player on every team every year. Heck, I’ve only been around for twenty-three-and-a-half seasons. I am reminded of the words of one of the great baseball gods:

“In baseball, you don’t know nothing.” -Yogi Berra

My goal for this blog is that it would be a place where sports fans, friend and rival, can come together and engage in discussion and debate about our favorite (and maybe least favorite; sorry Cardinals and Ohio State fans) teams and players. For now, I’ll aim to do at least one post per week since I can’t quite quit my day job just yet. I’ll mostly focus on baseball, but don’t be surprised if some football, basketball, soccer, hockey, or golf gets thrown in the mix. The comments section will always be open for discussion and debate, and I will gladly be open to suggestions and constructive criticisms.

I am super excited to get my rookie season of amateur hobby sports blogging underway, so without further ado: welcome to Balcom’s Bleachers, the worldwide leader in Jared’s sports observations and opinions. Play Ball!